The Nudge - City Ambassador

City Ambassador


1-3 hours / week

City Ambassador


1-3 hours / week

What our ambassador program is all about

In each of our cities, we have a group of roughly 15 ambassadors. We treat them as part of our team - we chat with them over Slack, ask them for advice on secret projects, and have post-work happy hours with them. They’re true adventurers, know their city well, and are always fun to be around.

Who we are

We believe happiness mainly comes from spending time with loved ones, exploring the world, and understanding ourselves. These things require a ton of initiative and planning. That is, unless we have a great planner friend.

So we built a “planner friend in your pocket,” an SMS-based lifestyle advisor that proactively nudges us to do the things we lack the initiative for, like sunrise hikes, creative dates and new workouts. We’re a viral sensation in San Francisco, 1/3 of female millennials as active members. More recently, we’ve launched in Seattle, Austin, and NYC and are quickly growing.

This is the beginning of our vision for digital planner friends that help us be better versions of ourselves. Digital tools that (unlike many of our peers) respect our time, dignity, and personal information.

Sound rebellious? Good. Rebels change the world, and this spirit runs through the halls of our San Francisco office. If this spirit is in you too, we can’t wait to meet you.

What you’ll be responsible for

  • Outlining 1 Nudge plan per month: Every month, you’ll create a detailed outline of an experience you think Nudgers will love (hike, concert, date night, art exhibit, volunteering experience, etc)
  • Participating in our internal Slack channel. You’ll connect with our team and other ambassadors, have informal chats about weekend plans, and occasionally share your thoughts on something we’re working on. It’s casual and fun.

Ambassador benefits and perks

  • Every time you outline a nudge plan, we’ll present you with 3 lifestyle gifts and you get to choose 1 (e.g. a high-end fitness class, wine tasting, swag)
  • Free access for you and a friend to all premium Nudge programs and large Nudge events
  • Invitation to quarterly ambassador meet ups
  • Promotion on our social media (e.g. we’ll do an Insta story Q&A after you write your first plan)
  • Our cozy Nudging sweater that our team wears every single day (seriously)
  • Access to an ambassador-only Slack channel with The Nudge HQ team

Who you are

  • Belief in our mission to help people be their best selves in a world where technology mainly empowers us to be lazy
  • Your friends are always asking you for advice on what to do in their free time (where they should go hiking this weekend, what restaurants they should take a date on, how to get into the art scene, etc.)
  • Constantly dragging friends to new places in town or taking a solo adventure to that new bar down the street

Nudge HQ and our Nudgers are a diverse family. We encourage applications regardless of color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, nationality, marital status, disability, and veteran status.