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Saturday Coastal Escape

The perfect SF escape day on the northeast coast, full of pastries, cheese, hiking and a sunset picnic!

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1. Bovine Bakery

11315 State Route 1

Brunch is my favorite meal and this hike requires some fuel, so the first stop is my favorite bakery in Point Reyes! Bovine Bakery is located at Point Reyes Station, one of the four towns that make up the Point Reyes Peninsula. This cute little town is just 1-hour and a couple of minutes up northwest of San Francisco.

Leave SF around 9am to get to Bovine Bakery around 10ish. Order some tea/coffee, a veggie quiche, and a scone! Their scones are my favorite, specially the gluten free Blueberry & Almond scone! Everything is house made and the place is always full of locals stopping by for a snack.

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2. Cowgirl Creamery

80 4th St.

At this point you are thinking, how is this an active day if she just goes from one food place to another?! Well, hang in there my friends because I am a planner kinda girl and it’s essential to get your picnic supplies now to eat after the hike.

From Bovine Bakery, walk around the corner to the famous Cowgirl Creamery. Try as many cheeses as they’ll let you, and pick a few favorites to buy. I told the lady helping us I liked hard cheeses and she suggested their Cowgirl Wagon cheese and a Sardinian cheese. They were amazing!

Along with your new favorite cheese, you’re going to want to get bread/crackers, hummus, fruit, and (optional) some wine for the post hike picnic on the beach!

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3. Alamere Falls


Now, it’s time to hike! Hop in your car and head to the Palomarin trailhead, it’s about a ~30 minute drive. From the parking lot at Palomarin, this is about a 6.5 mile hike, and the best part is it leads to a spectacular body of water cascading down a 30 foot tall cliff onto the Wildcat Beach.

Because this hike is so amazing, it gets crowded. You may have to park a bit down the road if the main parking lot is full, but it’ll just mean a few more minutes of warming up for your hike.

The hike is straightforward, so no need for complicated instructions. Just hike to Alamere Falls along the Coast Trail, and you’ll eventually see a marked side trail that leads you down to the beach. There is a map right at the beginning of the trail, past the parking lot on your right, so if you feel more comfortable don’t be shy and take a picture of it before you start.

Note that the climb down to the beach is a little sketch and will require scrambling on all fours down some loose rocks, but it’s doable. When you get to the beach you will instantly realize why you hiked all the way to see the falls. Soak up the scenery and the breezy air, take some photos, and recharge. The way back is the same way you came through!

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4. Stinson Beach

Highway 1

Congrats - you’ve just done an epic hike and you’re likely exhausted. That’s fine, but the adventure doesn’t end here. Now it's time to drive to the beach for a sunset picnic (AKA eat that delicious Point Reyes cheese) and reminisce on this perfect day.

Take the Mesa Road back onto Shoreline Hwy 1 towards Stinson Beach for a scenic 24 min ride. There is a Stinson Beach parking lot where you can easily park your car and head to the shore. Bring a beach towel to sit down and lay out your picnic food! Nothing like having local fresh food while watching the seagulls fly and the ocean waves crash into the beach.

Leisurely eat your food, go for a walk on the beach, and do NOT leave before sunset. That’s why I really come here - the Stinson’s sunset is one of my favorite things to see!

On the drive back take Panoramic Hwy to SF and make sure you stop at one of the vista points (more specifically the very top one – you will know which one it is because it fits more than 2 cars) to see the most epic view of the coastline and sunset!

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