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The Fit 30 Nudge
A trainer in your pocket
to get you fit by Thanksgiving!

For 30 days, SISSFiT sisters Lauren and Kelly will be your fitness coaches via text!
Monday - Thursday
They’ll text you your workout.
Text 1
Text 2
Text 3
They'll answer your questions.
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 3
Saturday: Did all your workouts?
Win a weekly giveaway.
🎁 A bunch of surprises
we won't spoil here!
What people are saying

Testimonial 1 @raheli_rd
San Francisco
“It's like being a celeb with a personal trainer who texts you.”

Testimonial 2 @obiwanknoche
Los Angeles
“Lauren and Kelly are so relatable - they get that it’s hard, and make it easy for me to stay fit with my busy schedule.”

Testimonial 3 @caraclarknutrition
Mission Viejo
“I hate thinking about what I need to do and SISSFiT tells me exactly what to do. It's perfect!”

"We're sisters, trainers, models, and former D1 track athletes. We design HIIT strength and cardio guides for busy people on-the-go!"
Things we totally get and will address

"🙈 Overindulging, getting frustrated, and wanting to throw in the towel."

"😴 Workout alarm goes off and all we want to do is snooze ..."

"💃 Vacay comes along and our fitness/nutrition routine gets lost."

"🤯 Being busy and stressed and letting our routine fall apart."

"🥂 Trying to balance a social life with being a healthy person."
"What does the month program look like?"
Text 3
"We're gonna revamp your fitness routine and get you fit by Thanksgiving 🍗"
"What are the workouts like?"
Text 3
"Each workout is a ~30 min HIIT routine (high intensity interval training), AKA the most effective workout for your busy schedule. For cardio, you can choose between treadmill, outdoor runs or bodyweight (think BBG)."
"Do I need a gym?"
Text 3
"No, but if you want to do the treadmill cardio workouts you'll need access to one. Otherwise you can do an outdoor run or bodyweight (think BBG) workout on your cardio days."
"What equipment do I need?"
Text 3
"Just a pair of dumbbells for the strength workouts."
"When do you send my workout texts?"
Text 3
"We send them the day beforehand, around 5PM. It'll be the highlight of your day!"
"Does this program work with international numbers?"
Text 3
"Sadly, we can only guarantee the program will work for US numbers."
More questions?
Email contact@nudgetext.com. We'd absolutely love to hear from you.
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