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Seeking rebels who want to help people live better lives.

What is The Nudge?
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Influencer Director

What is
The Nudge?

The most inconvenient truth in Silicon Valley is that Americans are no happier than before the internet (fact). The Nudge exists to change that.

We believe happiness mainly comes from spending time with loved ones, exploring the world, and understanding ourselves. These things demand a lot of initiative. So we built a “planner friend in your pocket.” It’s an SMS-based lifestyle advisor that proactively and thoughtfully nudges us to do more of the things we lack the initiative to do, like sunrise hikes, creative dates and new workouts. We recently chatted with TechCrunch about it.

This is the beginning of our vision for SMS-based tools that circumvent the internet to help us be better versions of ourselves. Tools that respect our time and our personal information, and if that sounds like a shot at social media that’s because it is.

Sound rebellious? Good. Rebels change the world, and this spirit runs through the halls of our Presidio office. If this spirit is in you too, we can’t wait to meet you.

-John Peterson
CEO of The Nudge

Senior Full Stack Engineer

You'll work hand-in-hand with our CTO as pure engineer hire #1.
After 4 months: You collaborated with our CTO in roadmapping and implementing the SMS-based lifestyle advisor of your dreams, building systems for interactive dialogue, deep personalization, ephemeral content delivery and much more we can’t reveal here.
After 12 months: You transitioned our LAMP architecture to a modern stack scalable to millions of DAUs. You began managing your own engineering projects and a small team of your own.
Long-term: You gained the experience to build or lead a startup's engineering team.
Who you are today
-2-5 years experience as a software engineer who gets and cares about product
-Experience with backend development, including LAMP
-Experience with Objective C and UIKit
-Bonus: Experience deploying and monitoring applications on AWS
-Bonus: Experience with web frontend development
-Bonus: Experience with SMS integrations and networking APIs
These things excite you
-Joining the founding team of an audacious, venture-backed young company
-Using technology to not just make life easier, but also more fulfilling
-Leaving your mark on the history of technology

Influencer Director

You'll lead our efforts to identify the right influencers, pitch them to collaborate with The Nudge, and work with them to create amazing things with us.
After 4 months: You identified the perfect influencers for working with The Nudge and collaborated with them as lead of our secret project.
After 12 months: You worked with our product team to help design the platform for our future vision of how The Nudge supports influencers and their audiences.
Long-term: You led our efforts to disrupt the influencer and social media worlds, transforming how influencers make money and connect with their audiences.
Who you are today
-2-10 years experience in influencer marketing
-Experience with influencer metrics
-Experience with how influencers monetize
-Experience managing influencer content projects
These things excite you
-Disrupting the "build your audience then work with brands to advertise to it" model
-Pitching and working with the world's biggest influencers
-Joining the founding team of an audacious, venture-backed young company
John Sarah Kevin Liselle
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