A Seattle planner friend
in your pocket.
Every week, we craft and text you 3 Seattle lifestyle “Nudges,” from secret hike plans to life-changing date ideas.
A membership for the adventurous
We design each Nudge to make it effortless to be your most adventurous, romantic and social self that week.
Nudges include:
Complete plans
A complete plan for an experience, by a local expert, that requires zero Googling.
Secret knowledge
We share secret insider knowledge within The Nudge community.
Tailored advice
We ask what your situation is and give you a tailored Nudge.
You also get free events and exclusive perks, nbd.
We get you free events, and get you members-only perks for only our favorite lifestyle stuff.
Frequently asked questions
What could a month of Nudge texts look like?
Every month is different and tailored to that month, but here’s an example.
Example calendar
Is The Nudge a bot?
Nope! Bots are annoying. Every Nudge text is hand-crafted by our team.
Do you take money from outside parties like events?
We never, ever take money from outside parties, because then we’d tell you to do crappy events because they’re paying us. If someone we like approaches us, we say “what can you give to our members instead?” and pass on the value to you. We’re not fans of the Facebook model of selling you to outsiders. We’d rather have your back, so you’ll have ours 💪.
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