Why is free time so important for our quality of life? Because of the very reason we call it “free” - we can spend it however we choose. And when we choose to spend it well, it becomes more than just sharing meals, walking outside or hearing music. It becomes self expression. It becomes adventure, romance and wonder. It becomes those unforgettable moments that happen when we’re free to choose what to do, and never happen when we’re executing the routines of life. In other words, it becomes art. This life art is a big part of what makes humans special.

And yet, most of us struggle to make the most of our free time. Why? The answer is simple: It takes a lot of effort. The options are infinite, and we must discover them, decide among them and make a plan before we can even begin.

What would your life be like if you could experience these moments of “life art” on a regular basis? What would happen to humanity if everyone could?

At Livday, we’ve created the first step towards this dream. A place where people can share their best experiences for others to effortlessly recreate.

Let's say you’re with your boyfriend. Maybe you’re hungry. Maybe it’s a beautiful day. Or maybe you’re with your boyfriend, hungry and it’s a beautiful day. There are people who have been in your shoes and turned that occasion into a masterpiece. And now with Livday all you need to do is look in your pocket and the complete plan is right there.

We've built a place where people can share their very best experiences for others to enjoy - creative dates, celebratory nights out, introspective hikes ... the possibilities are infinite. It's like a cookbook for things to do.

Our motto is "Life is a work of art - create your masterpiece," and Livday truly allows you to do just that. Livday has the potential to be one of the most life changing places on the web.

The web is a tool of humanity-altering power, like the map, clock and printing press before it. And like these tools, the web has changed the way we think and live.

The world is connected like never before. There is a vast breadth of knowledge at our fingertips. And yet, the web has had negative consequences. For some, breadth of knowledge is replacing depth of knowledge. Many shallow connections are replacing few deep ones. The reward systems in our brains are hooked on the instant gratification that the web can provide in its endless snippets of potentially useful information. And it is becoming socially acceptable for our attentions to live far too much on our tiny screens rather than in the present moment. We fear that we are learning less and less about ourselves as we learn more and more about a vast variety of things.

At Livday, we want to change this trend. We want to change people’s lives in ways they will remember when they look back on it. And we'll always do so based on a deep understanding of how human psychology (why we do what we do) intersects with philosophy (what’s meaningful in life).

We’re a small team. If you have a capacity to fall in love with Livday, we’d love to hear from you. In any case, we’ll see you out there.

John Peterson
Livday Founder


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